Bassoon CATALOG 2018

5F3F shop4F JDR Salon4FSupreme Harmony Accompanied by best services, beside youOboes and Bassoons;Our aim is to have more people feel the magni cence of these instruments, and have more musicians enjoy playing these instruments as their friends.Our company, JDR has been making efforts for half century, to create encounter of our customers with high-quality oboes and bassoons.Consequently, we have gained con dence of musicians from all over the world, as a shop specializing in double-reed instruments.To keep our customers’ feeling of trust, moreover than just selling instruments of high quality, we have tried to respond to requests such as selecting instruments, introducing teachers, maintenance, and adjustments. This is how we kept going for 50 years.Oboes and Bassoons have exquisite mechanism more than other woodwind instruments. For this reason, adjustments and repair of these instruments are not easy, and there are a few technical staff in Japan who can cope with these things.JDR always provides these services by our professional staff with high skills.JDR also offers a comfortable atmosphere for lessons “Grand Salon de JDR” on fth oor. We support various double-reed activities such as master-class, free-time clinic, reed making class, repair caravan, step forward concert, and Christmas concert.All for keeping beautiful harmonies with musicians who love double-reed instruments.

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